65 Scarborough Beach Rd North Perth

Yamina Soreya

Originally from France, Yamina is a world fusion artist, trained in classical ballet since age 5, followed by Oriental, Brazilian Samba, Bollywood, Spanish, Latin and African dances. She has trained intensively in Rio, Bahia, Paris and Australia with renown samba dancers and participated in the Rio Carnival in 2012. She has also been studying Samba drumming for 8 years with her husband Michael Boase, founder of Beleza Samba drumming group, which has contributed immensely in adding more precision, understanding and musicality to her freestyle. Yamina’s unique style of dance, capturing the essence and authenticity of Samba, while also fusing with other influences, has captivated audiences worldwide for the past 14 years and earned her the reputation of being a performer full of energy and passion. As a teacher, she is known for her attention to detail and technicality. As Elina Kelili, ballet and bellydance teacher from UK, has said after a workshop: “What I loved the most in Yamina’s teaching was the way she was correcting every little detail in each one of us! Corrections about musicality, posture, mood, technique, feeling, foot positions, arm and hand expression etc, in such a sweet way!”. Yamina is dedicated in giving students a high standard of tuition, some cultural knowledge and background about the dance forms they are learning, as well as helping each individual find their own style and dancer within themselves. Samba is primarily a freestyle form of dance, so students are encouraged to feel rather than count.