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Tap Basics

With Leanne Driel

Made famous by legends like the Nicholas Brothers, Fred Astaire, and shows like the Tap Dogs and Happy Feet, tap dancing is timeless dance style that can be enjoyed by anyone of any age.

The BASICS Tap course will give you an understanding of the fundamentals of tap dance. Covering the most rudimentary aspects including posture, how to transfer your weight to perform the individual steps, and essentials like a “shuffle” or “stamp” and so on. This course will give you a basic understanding of this style to prepare you for attending a beginner level class.

Leanne Driel has been training in various styles of dance for over 20 years. Her passion for tap has taken her around Australia, studying under Australian and international professionals. Leanne is the founder of the West Australian Tap Dance Orchestra and guest instructor at the Australian Tap Dance Festival in Melbourne.