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Roanne Johnson – Afrotonic

Roanne Johnson
Roanne Johnson – Afrotonic

Roanne leads the Afrotonic Dance Troupe and Tuition, teaching in North Fremantle and North Perth, and performing all around WA.

She was Born in London from musician parents but raised in France amongst a mainly North and West African community, so Roanne was introduced to African music and dance from a young age. She has been dancing and performing West African dance with most of the teachers and drummers in Perth since 2005, and continues to attend workshops in Australia and overseas with master dancers from Senegal, Ghana, South Africa and Guinea.

Roanne believes that everyone is a dancer, as long as you let your enthusiasm and energy shine through, and she sees African dance as a fun, active experience to be shared by people of all backgrounds and ages.

Ro teaches the African dance class on Saturday afternoons.