65 Scarborough Beach Rd North Perth

Rafaela Lico

Rafaela began dancing lessons at the age of 3 in Greece. She arrived in Australia in 2005 where she continued her dancing at Balcatta Senior High School’s specialist program and successfully auditioned for and was selected for the Green Room Entertainment Agency. She has been dancing as a professional dancer with the Green Room Agency since 2006.

Rafaela has expanded her dance styles by taking a vast majority of classes such as contemporary, jazz, hip hop, sexy stilletos, indian dance, voguing, wacking and house. She has performed around Perth professionally and has been involved in a large number of corporate shows and dance showcases.

She loves teaching and making class as fun as possible for her students while making them feel more comfortable and giving them a good workout at the same time. Rafaela is passionate about dancing and performing and she is looking forward to expending her knowledge and growing and gaining more experience in the dance industry.