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NEW TERM – Mon 11th JUNE’12

Hello All 🙂

Our new term will be commencing on Monday 11th June!  Don’t miss out on class spots and make sure you enroll for your classes.

DWS students – don’t forget if you are already enrolled this term and wish to enroll for the new term, don’t forget to take advantage of our “5 in 5” special!  Do your enrolment and payment in Week 5 (Monday 28th May – Thursday 31st May) and get 5% OFF your term fees!!! 
**only available on full term rates**

Also Flamenco students in Margarita’s Saturday Flamenco BE class, don’t forget due to the new Castanet and Palmas class at 2:00pm – your Flamenco BE class will now commence at 1:00pm (instead of 1:30pm).

Dance Workshop Soiree 2012:
Dancers! its coming to that time of year again!! The Annual Soiree for 2012 will be held at the Lady Wardle Performing Arts Centre (LWPAC), same venue as last year.
Important dates to note should you wish to be included in a class piece:

– Saturday 8th Sept, TECH & BLOCK REHEARSAL

Please speak to your teachers should be interested in being involved in Soiree 2012!  Its a great experience and a great night of fun for all involved.