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What to wear & what to expect

Clothing to bring with you to your next class

What to Expect

Each class will begin with a basic warm up. In Ballet this will be at the barre, in Jazz or Tap this can be either in the centre or at the barre.  The warm up is designed to do exactly what it says “warm you up”, it will also include a series of stretches specific to your dance genre. If you have any injuries, or if there are certain stretches you know you can’t do, then by all means substitute the stretch with something you can do. You are not forced to follow everything. If you know it is not something you are capable of, do what you are comfortable with. And, always feel free to ask your teacher for options.

Following from the warm up, you will have a series of exercises moving across the floor.  In Ballet, you will simply move from the barre to the centre and expand on the exercises you just completed at the barre. The exercises in the centre are designed to give you the basic knowledge and skills to set you up for the rest of the class.   Each exercise or “across the floor” will either build up from the one before it or be something completely new to add to your skill set and vocabulary.

In the last 30-40 minutes of class you may work on a short routine. This will include the steps you learned in the “across the floors”.  Each week the teacher will build on this routine repeating the steps from the week before, and then adding new steps to the routine.

After the course you can decide if you are ready to move up into a beginner’s class, or if you would like to stay and repeat the BASICS class on your own. We leave this up to you to decide.  You are always welcome to talk to your teacher to see what the most suitable option for you will be.

What to Wear

Wear something comfortable that you can move in. Most students opt for leggings and t-shirt. Anything you would consider wearing to the gym will be fine. You do not need to purchase special dance clothes or shoes.

For ballet – socks will be fine if you don’t have Ballet Shoes

Jazz – Soft running shoes/Sneakers or Socks will be fine if you don’t have Jazz Shoes

Tap/Flamenco – Any hard soled shoe will be suitable.

There are many different Dancewear stores you can try when ready to purchase your first pair of dance shoes including  www.studioscene.com.au | //www.costumeandballetcentre.com.au/

When buying your first pair of dance shoes, always go in store and try them on, do not purchase your first pair online.

Kassie Bush
Kassie B.

Great studio north of the river! Love Ashanti’s classes.

Alisa D.

Great classes for beginner up to advanced, big range of genres, heaps of fun and great exercise, lovely talented teachers and the end of year performance is a highlight of my year.

Jasmine R.

Friendly staff with a healthy mix of making us work for it whilst also being encouraging and funny. A great experience that welcomed me back into dance.

Jessica H.

I cannot thank Gianni enough for our amazing experience!! 30 friends with barely any formal dancing experience rocked up and put our pride and safety in his hands! What a fun activity!! I’m so glad I chose to hold the beginning of my night with him at the studio!! We learned some Salsa, Cha cha and applied it to every Dirty Dancing song we could!! We literally had the time of our lives!! I can’t wait to go back!

Hofer Y.

I have loved all my classes at The Dance Workshop, I find them both challenging & fun, with proper warm up and excellent workout!

Charlii H.

With such a range of dance styles and experience levels, there’s something for everyone. I love the fact it’s targeted to adults looking to start something new that they’ve always wanted to do, or get back into a style they used to dance as a youngster!

Wai P.

Great, friendly atmosphere with people who are passionate about dance. No judgements. I feel like I can let loose, be myself and dance my heart out!!

Ashton M.

I’ve been doing in the absolute beginner class with Priscilla now since Term 1 & have loved every second. She is so personable & helpful. I am looking forward to continuing on & hopefully becoming more graceful than the baby elephant I am now 😉

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