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Dance Workshop Perth

Do I have to pre-enrol for classes?

We recommend you secure your place in class by enrolling prior to the commencement of the new term, particularly for the Absolute Beginner and Beginner/Elementary Classes.

When is the studio reception open?

The studio reception is open for classes & enquiries from 5.30pm – 8.00 pm, Mondays – Thursdays and Saturdays 10.00am  – 2.00pm.

The studio can be contacted on (08) 9443 6966 and is located at 65 Scarborough Beach Road, North Perth.

An outside hours mobile is also available on 0416 263 452 ,  or alternatively drop us an email – info@danceworkshop.com.au

How do can I enrol or make payment for classes?

If you would like to pre-book for a term you can call the studio on 08 9443 6966 and we can take credit card payment over the phone.

Alternatively you can pay on the day, at either a casual rate of $23.00 per class or $120.00 for the 6 week term.

We accept cash, EFTPOS or Visa/MasterCard.

Please note enrolment for a new term can be done from two weeks prior to the term commencement date.

I’m not sure if I’ll like the class – can I pay for 1 casual first?

Casual classes are available, subject to space being available, as we give preference to dancers committing to a 6 week term.  It is ideal for casual paying students to come through about 10-15mins earlier to ensure a spot in class.

Accordingly, we encourage you to watch a class in the previous term to assess if it’s what you are after.  We don’t recommend a decision be made about any dance class, based on attending once, as it is unlikely that you will achieve anything with less than 6 lessons.

What if I miss a class?

Classes are non refundable. If you are unable to make it to class, or change your mind we cannot issue you with a refund. You may receive a credit for classes missed but this credit must be used within the same term of purchase.

If sickness or injury prevents you from attending classes, please advise our studio reception within 14-daysand present a medical certificate so we can determine IF you may receive a credit for the classes missed, and when this credit may expire.

(Think of it this way, if you purchase a ticket to a stage show/movie and for whatever reason you cannot attend, you will not get a refund)

What do I wear to class?

There are no strict requirements of dress for DWS classes, but below are some ideas of dress code for the classes:

  • Ballet – leggings and a t-shirt is fine.  A leotard & tights can also be worn, if preferred. Shoes: ballet shoes if you have them, if not – bare feet or socks till you get your ballets shoes is fine.
  • Jazz – leggings and a t-shirt are appropriate.  Shoes: bare feet is fine, jazz shoes or blochs are also fine.
  • Tap – anything that you can move and stretch easily in. Tap shoes are required for class, though if you don’t have any to begin with, that is fine. (speak to the Teacher to find out where to get tap shoes if required.
  • Contemporary – leggings and a t-shirt are appropriate, anything that you can move and stretch easily in.  Shoes: bare feet.
  • Hiphop/House – anything that you can move and stretch easily in, most students wear, tracksuit pants or three-qtr pants and a t-shirt.  Shoes: sneakers.
  • Bollywood – anything that you can move and stretch easily in. Shoes: barefeet.
  • Flamenco – Leotard or top with comfortable pants and/or a skirt (it is not necessary for beginners to wear a skirt to class initially).  Shoes: Character/Flamenco shoes, or shoes with a sturdy heel and strap.
Kassie Bush
Kassie B.

Great studio north of the river! Love Ashanti’s classes.

Alisa D.

Great classes for beginner up to advanced, big range of genres, heaps of fun and great exercise, lovely talented teachers and the end of year performance is a highlight of my year.

Jasmine R.

Friendly staff with a healthy mix of making us work for it whilst also being encouraging and funny. A great experience that welcomed me back into dance.

Jessica H.

I cannot thank Gianni enough for our amazing experience!! 30 friends with barely any formal dancing experience rocked up and put our pride and safety in his hands! What a fun activity!! I’m so glad I chose to hold the beginning of my night with him at the studio!! We learned some Salsa, Cha cha and applied it to every Dirty Dancing song we could!! We literally had the time of our lives!! I can’t wait to go back!

Hofer Y.

I have loved all my classes at The Dance Workshop, I find them both challenging & fun, with proper warm up and excellent workout!

Charlii H.

With such a range of dance styles and experience levels, there’s something for everyone. I love the fact it’s targeted to adults looking to start something new that they’ve always wanted to do, or get back into a style they used to dance as a youngster!

Wai P.

Great, friendly atmosphere with people who are passionate about dance. No judgements. I feel like I can let loose, be myself and dance my heart out!!

Ashton M.

I’ve been doing in the absolute beginner class with Priscilla now since Term 1 & have loved every second. She is so personable & helpful. I am looking forward to continuing on & hopefully becoming more graceful than the baby elephant I am now 😉

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