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New Classes Starting Feb 18th 2013

We are excited to announce there will be new classes added to our 2013 timetable, commencing in our next new term – February 18th.


– Monday 8pm, African Dance with Roan Johnson
Discover an addictive fusion of african dance moves set to upbeat tribal rhythms.
No dance experience required, suitable for men and women, great for fitness and a soulful experience teaching your body how to express itself through movement.

– Wednesday 5:30pm, Broadway Jazz AB (Absolute Beginners) with Justin McNamara
Already a popular Beginner Elementary/Intermediate class, at the request of students Justin will now be teaching a Broadway Jazz class suitable for beginners focussing on a strong foundation, technique and style, required for Broadway Jazz.  A great class for actors and singers looking to increase their dance skills for musical theatre.

– Wednesday 6:30pm,  Absolute Beginner (AB) Pointe/Pre-pointe with Justin McNamara
Suitable for students that already have 3-5years ballet experience, looking to gain the necessary strength to begin pointe work, and suitable for those wanting to commence pointe practice for the first time.
(PLEASE NOTE: the current 6:30pm Bollywood AB Class will be combined with the 7:30pm Bollywood BE Class)

– Thursday 7:30pm, AB/BE Sexy Stilettos with Raffaela Lico
A very popular Intermediate level class, we are excited to announce an absolute beginner/beginner elementary class for girls wanting to learn the how to strut, roll, dip, hair-flick and everything else that is sexy on the dance floor in their heels, at a nice slow and easy to pickup pace.  As it is a beginner level class, girls are encouraged to bring their heels along, or participate in more comfortable flatter shoes.

– Saturday 2:30pm, Jazz AB/BE with Para
A popular jazz teacher at the Dance Workshop, Para will be teaching this Absolute Beginner/Beginner Elementary Jazz class to complement those classes already on the timetable.
(PLEASE NOTE: This class will be replacing the 2:30pm Salsa class)

– Sunday 4:00pm, AB Hiphop Party Grooves with Timmy Hugs
A class suitable for absolute beginners. Learn the basic party grooves that create the foundations for hiphop.  A great class for those with absolutely no dance experience  looking to improve their rhythm and confidence on the dance floor.