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New 2015 Timetable

What's New 2015We are excited to announce the new timetable for 2015 which will kick off on February 02, 2015.

What to look forward to:

– You asked for longer classes so we delivered – 90 min Tap, Ballet, Jazz and Sexy Stiletto Classes look for the (*) below

-New classes and styles including Samba, African and Dance Hall!…..spicy much?

-New teachers!! We welcome Lauchlan Bain (Sexy Street Jazz), Cintia De Marchi (Ballet) & Natalie Asha (Samba)

Check out the new timetable below – remember it is only effective from February 02, 2015.

5:30pm Ballet BE 5:30pm B/way Jazz BE/INT
6:30pm Flamenco * ADV 6:30pm Stretch & Flex O
8:00pm Hip Hop Grooves# AB 7:30pm Jazz *# ADV
10:00am Stretch & Flex O
11:00am B/way Jazz AB/BE 11:00am Ballet* ADV
5:30pm Ballet BE 5:30pm Ballet INT
6:30pm Tap AB 6:30pm Jazz AB
7:30pm Tap* BE/INT 7:30pm Contemporary* INT
10:00am Tap AB (new) 10:00am Jazz AB
11:00am Ballet Body O
5:30pm Hip Hop AB 5:30pm Broadway Jazz AB/BE
6:30pm Bollywood AB/BE 6:30pm Pre-Pointe/Pointe AB
7:30pm Flamenco# INT 7:30pm Sexy Street Jazz* O
8:30pm Lyrical BE/INT
5:30pm Bollywood INT 5:30pm Ballet AB
6:30pm Jazz BE 6:30pm Sexy Stilettos* O
7:30pm Hip Hop INT 8:00pm Jazz#* INT
8:30pm Dance Hall O (new)
9:30am Ballet*# AB/BE 9:30am Ballet* INT
11:00am Contemporary*# AB/BE 11:00am Pointe BE/INT
12:30pm Flamenco AB 12:00pm Ballet* ADV
1:30pm Flamenco Palmas# O(30mins) 1:30pm Hip Hop BE
2:00pm Flamenco# BE 2:30pm Jazz BE
3:00pm Tap*# INT/ADV 3:30pm Samba O (new)
4:30pm African# O (starts 14/02/15)

(#) Denotes new teacher or new time

(*) Denotes 90 minute class

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