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Jazz Basics

With Clara Loveny

Jazz is a varied dance style, consisting of unique moves depending on a specific style and/or era of jazz. Predominantly, jazz includes learning and using dance technique from classical training such as pirouettes and turns, kicks and jumps.

The Jazz Basics course will give you an understanding of the fundamentals of jazz dance.  The course covers the most rudimentary aspects including posture, and the most basics of steps such as a “step ball change”, how to kick, how to turn and so on. This course will give you a sound understanding of this style to prepare you for attending general beginner level class.  For over 30 years Dance Workshop has specialised exclusively in Adult Dance Classes. We understand that we were all beginners once.

Clara Loveny is a producer, choreographer and teacher. She has produced and choreographed shows at Fringe World, Busselton Fringe and The Blue Room, and recently taught a Burlesque Performance Workshop here at The Dance Workshop for our annual Soireé. From a technical dance background, she values strong foundation dance skills and safe dance practices.