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Hip Hop Basics Feb 2019


Chido Mombeshora

Hip Hop Basics

With Chido Mombeshora

Hip Hop refers to social or choreographed dance performed to hip-hop music or music that evolved as part of hip-hop culture. It can be loose and relaxed or intense or energetic.
The BASICS class is primarily focused on assisting students with rhythm, and freestyle dancing by teaching students basic moves/steps, or ‘party dances’, which they can then incorporate and ‘make their own’ on the dance floor. These classes are ideal for those looking to gain more confidence on the dance floor in a social setting and are ideal for people with absolutely no dance experience.
Chido has trained and taught at numerous Perth studios in addition to performing at a host of concerts supporting artists such as DMX, Boyz II Men, Ne-yo and Demarco. Prior to joining Elusive Dance Crew (formerly known as Exzempt), Chido has been affiliated with other noteable Perth crews such as Total Package (TP) Dancers and Mamas Boyz Waht, who competed on the Channel 10 series Everybody Dance Now in 2012. Her thorough and extensive knowledge of Hip-Hop has been consolidated through the opportunity to learn from many of the industry’s legends such as Luther Brown, Buddha Stretch, Tweetie and Sho-Tyme, just to name a few.