65 Scarborough Beach Rd North Perth

Ballet Body Conditioning and Workout

This class mixes standard ballet exercises with elements of Pilates and stretch and strengthening exercises to give your body an all round conditioning.

This class is open to everyone, even none dancers looking to improve flexibility, posture and strength. If you have a yoga mat, or beach towel bring it with you, as there can be a substantial amount of laying/sitting on the floor.

This class is based at the ballet barre, and focusses primarily on alignment, and really getting the mind and body to work together closely to engage the right muscles in your movement.  Using very slow and controlled ballet exercises, this class is great for beginners that really need to learn the basics such as posture and alignment, as well as advanced students, that need to “fix” certain flaws in their technique, or bring their training back to basics to correct posture and alignment.