65 Scarborough Beach Rd North Perth

Burlesque Performance Workshop

Photo by Wild Kat Photography.

There are many ways to be sexy, but it all comes down to feeling confident about how YOU express it!

In this NEW Burlesque class at The Dance Workshop you will find your own unique swagger that only comes from the confidence boost that is burlesque. Bring a sense of humour because this isn’t a class where you should take yourself too seriously. Embrace your inner superhero and experience quirky sexy realness.

Clara Loveny is a producer, choreographer and teacher. With a strong emphasis on story, Clara brings a unique approach to burlesque. From a technical dance background, she values strong foundation dance skills and safe dance practices. You will have seen her perform as Lady Pussyfoot at FRINGE WORLD and other local shows around Perth, but she is more commonly found behind the scenes. Having produced and choreographed shows at FRINGE WORLD, Busselton Fringe and The Blue Room Theatre, she has a broad and discerning taste for what makes burlesque exceptional. 

With a focus on technique and storytelling, Clara will take you through foundation skills, isolations, progressions and routines. You will walk away having refined your existing abilities and with personalised feedback for further skills development. For the experienced dancer, this is a class to work on controlled lines and performance skills. For new dancers, you will learn vital building blocks to leverage your skills. Expect to breakdown arm movements, hip isolations, walks and turns. Refine your existing skills or develop new ones! 

This class is suitable for new and seasoned burlesque performers. All are welcome. 

Over 8 weeks you will work on an ensemble routine which will contextualise the skills you have learned. You will have the opportunity to perform with your classmates at The Dance Workshop Soiree on October 28th. The price includes all 8 sessions and the Soiree performance fee.