65 Scarborough Beach Rd North Perth

Body Beat Balance

Ram S

Body Beat Balance is a dance class with a holistic approach, designed to ignite the mind, body and soul, and has been developed by Ram and Ashanti. Ram utilises his unique background of classical Indian dance, as well as his training in western styles to create a fully holistic dance class.  This class is open to ALL levels, and is ideal for the more mature dancer with little to no dance experience.    The class structure goes something like this:

Chapter 1 (part of warm up)
– Fire: An awakening that uplifts and warms the body/spirit through breathing, body alignment while exploring low-impact movement.

Chapter 2 (part of warm up)
– Water: An Exploration expands the presence of mind and body and creates connection with space and depth using fluid movement.

Chapter 3 –
We Dance – Ram teaches easy to follow simple choreography that changes every week.  This is where the fun begins.

Chapter 4 (cool down)
– Air: Liberation releases all tension and worry. The body and mind are now free and boundless.

Chapter 5 (cool down)
– Earth: An Inspiration reconnects the mind and body to the Earth. Light floor work to reconnect body and gravity.

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