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Ballet BASICS Feb 2019

Ballet Basics

With Justin McNamara

The BASICS Ballet course will give you an understanding of the fundamentals of Classical Ballet. Covering the most rudimentary aspects including posture, turn out, placement at the barre and in the centre, and an understanding of the basics such as how to plie and tendu etc. This course will give you a basic understanding of this style to prepare you for attending a beginner level class.

Justin is a graduate of The Australian Ballet School, and was a long-term cast member of “Cats” in Australia, New Zealand and Germany; where he played many leading roles including the featured singing roles of Skimbulshanks and Mungojerrie, and the lead dance role of Mr Mistofelees. He rose to become part of the creative team for “Cats” in Hamburg, which involved him in auditioning, teaching, leading rehearsals and staging the cast for television and photographic promotions all over Germany.