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2018 Term 1 BASICS and New Classes

2018 has been off to a great start with our 3 week taster term, and now we’re ready to head into the nitty gritty of it all and begin our terms full throttle. We have 8 six week terms this year and the dates are as follows:

  • 29th January – 11th March (Monday classes will be 5 weeks due to public holiday)
  • 12th March – 22nd April
  • 23rd April – 3rd June
  • 4th June – 15th July
  • 16th July – 26th August
  • 27th August – 7th October
  • 8th October – 18th November
  • 19th November – 23rd December (5 Week Term)

We will be closed for the following Public Holidays:

  • Monday 5th March Labour Day
  • Saturday 31st March Easter Sunday
  • Monday 2nd April Easter Monday
  • Wednesday 25th April ANZAC Day
  • Monday 4th June WA Day
  • Monday 24th September Queen’s Birthday

If this is your first time taking a dance class, look no further than our BASICS courses for absolute beginners.


Ballet BASICS with Justin McNamara Wednesdays 5:30PM Starting Jan 31st This class is perfect for those who always wanted to take classical classes, or for those who want to work on the basic technique of Ballet. Click on the image to sign-up now.
Jazz BASICS with Priscilla Stojanoski Mondays 5:30PM Starting Jan 29th (5 Week Term) Taking inspiration from Broadway and Commercial styles, this class is perfect for those that want to get moving. Click on the image to sign-up for the new term.
Tap BASICS with Leanne Driel Mondays 6:45PM Starting Jan 29th (5 Week Term) This class is perfect for those that always find their toes tapping to music. This class will work on the fundamentals and increase your vocabulary of the style. Click image to sign-up now.
Tap Absolute Beginners with Justin McNamara Thursdays 9:30am Starting Feb 1st This class is aimed at anyone who would like to start a new style and is offered for absolute beginners of any age. This class can be taken casually, so feel free to start anytime, we’re sure you’ll love Justin and his style. Click the image to sign-up now.
Fab After 50s Jazz with Ashanti Suriyam Fridays 9:30am Starting Feb 2nd Fab After 50s Jazz is for those who know that age is just a number and that can’t stop them from being fabulous. This class will range from Broadway to Commercial styles of Jazz, and will be a low impact class with no kicks or jumps. Click the image to sign-up now.
Stretch and Flex with Justin McNamara Fridays 9:30am Starting Feb 2nd This is an open class for all levels of dancers or for those who want to gain more flexibility but may not be interested in taking a dance class. This class will work through stretch technique and yoga-inspired stretches to increase mobility and strength. This is a casual class that can be taken at any time without signing up for a whole term. Click the image to sign-up now.
Bollywood-Kollywood with Justina Pereira Thursdays 5:30pm Open to all levels, from beginners, to experienced dancers. This class teaches repertoire from the silver screen of Bollywood (Hindi) and Kollywood (Tamil). Learning your favourite dances from the movies, this class is open to all levels. Click on the image to sign-up now