Student Terms & Conditions

For Students and Participants at our Studio

Dance classes can involve risk of personal injury. While The Dance Workshop takes all reasonable care in the conduct of its workshops/classes, it accepts no responsibility for injury or loss caused during participation in the workshop/classes. You are ensuring that you are physically and medically fit for the classes and during the classes you must at all times take care of your own personal safety and belongings.


When you pay upfront for a term, you are given a discount on the single casual class rate. This discount is only valid for the term paid for. If you miss a class your class credit MUST BE made-up/substituted within the term paid for. It cannot be carried over to the next term.


Classes are non refundable. If you are unable to make it class, or change your mind we cannot issue you with a refund. You may receive a credit for classes missed but this must be utilised within the same term of purchase.

If sickness or injury prevents your from attending classes, please advise our studio reception within 14-days providing a medical certificate so we can determine if you can receive a credit for the classes missed. (think of it this way – if you purchase a ticket to a stage show/movie and for whatever reason you cannot attend, we will not provide a refund)

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