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House has roots in the clubs of Chicago and of New York.  The main elements of House dance include Footwork, Jacking, and Lofting.  House is often improvisational in nature and emphasizes footwork combined with fluid movements in the torso, as well as floor work.   The major source in house dance movement steams directly from the music and the elements within the music such as Jazz, African, Latin, Soul, R&B, Funk, Hip Hop, etc. House is a dance style that evolved out of the post-disco era with people of all walks of life partying under one roof exchanging information (body language) house dance is essentially a social dance (something you can bust out on the dance floor at your next party).

In house dancing there is an emphasis on the subtle rhythms and riffs of the music, and the footwork follows them closely. This is one of the main features that distinguishes house dancing from dancing that was done to disco before house emerged and current dancing that is done to electronic dance music as part of the rave culture.

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