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Based on the spoken language, African dance is a source of communication through which it is possible to demonstrate emotion, beliefs, everyday life activities and other reactions through movement. Love, sorrow, courage, fear and all known human emotions can be expressed through rhythmic movements; African dance is the medium through which such expression can be made.

African dance is primal and low to the ground, connecting the dancer with the earth. African dance forms are strong and vital with a feeling of dynamic thrust and resistance. Traditionally, African dance involves a group of people dancing a piece of choreography together, and it is by nature participatory: the role of the performer and audience is interchangeable since both are usually member of the same community.

Our African dance classes are an addictive fusion of African dance moves from all over Africa, and upbeat tribal rhythms designed to create a vibrant and energetic dance and fitness class. The African dance classes encourages people of all origins and ages to join in the fun and embrace the rhythms of the drums….the drums do not care what colour your skins is, nor if you wear nappies or boast wrinkles or rolls!

Your body will learn how to move and express itself to the pulsating rhythms of African drums. The class is suitable for both men and women and what’s more no previous is experience is needed.

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