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Adult Dance Classes  – Dance Styles

Adult Dance Classes – Dance Styles


Based on the spoken language, African dance is a source of communication through which it is possible to demonstrate emotion, beliefs, everyday life activities and other reactions through movement. Love, sorrow, courage, fear and all known human emotions can be expressed through rhythmic movements; African dance is the medium through which such expression can be made.

African dance is primal and low to the ground, connecting the dancer with the earth. African dance forms are strong and vital with a feeling of dynamic thrust and resistance. Traditionally, African dance involves a group of people dancing a piece of choreography together, and it is by nature participatory: the role of the performer and audience is interchangeable since both are usually member of the same community.

Our African dance classes are an addictive fusion of African dance moves from all over Africa, and upbeat tribal rhythms designed to create a vibrant and energetic dance and fitness class. The African dance classes encourages people of all origins and ages to join in the fun and embrace the rhythms of the drums….the drums do not care what colour your skins is, nor if you wear nappies or boast wrinkles or rolls!

Your body will learn how to move and express itself to the pulsating rhythms of African drums. The class is suitable for both men and women and what’s more no previous is experience is needed.

Ballet Body Conditioning

Ballet Body Conditioning
This class mixes standard ballet exercises with elements of Pilates and stretch and strengthening exercises to give your body an all round conditioning.

This class is open to everyone, even none dancers looking to improve flexibility, posture and strength. If you have a yoga mat, or beach towel bring it with you, as there can be a substantial amount of laying/sitting on the floor.


Bollywood dance is about storytelling.  This is a dance style made famous by the colourful Bollywood movies; usually danced by beautiful exotic women and their handsome beau’s, accompanied by an army sized troupe of dancers! (in the dance studio it’s a little different).

It is a mixture of numerous styles. Fusing dance forms such as Indian classical, Indian folk dance, belly dancing, jazz, hip hop and everything else you can imagine, Bollywood is all about fantasy and glamour... There really are no limits to the creativity.  A great style for all levels of dancers, we have classes for absolute beginners right through to Intermediate/Advanced dancers.

Broadway Jazz

Broadway Jazz
The name says it all.  We all love a good musical, and what a better way to embrace our favourite showtunes, than with a Broadway Jazz class.

Taught by Justin, who has graced the stages of London’s West End, in many big musicals himself …the broadway jazz class is guaranteed to lift your soul.

Students will learn stylistic movements and varied genres from across the history of music theatre, dancing to songs from Chicago, Hairspray, A Chorus Line, West Side Story, Wicked, Singing In the Rain, Guys and Dolls, Oklahoma and so so so so so many more!

Castanet & Palmas

Castanet & Palmas Dance Classes Perth
This is a 30min class designed to complement your flamenco practice. In this class the teacher will explore the structure of specific flamenco rhythms, how to palmas (clap) to them and how the dancer can relate and interpret this particular rhythm.  Castanet work focusses on developing strength and speed, as well as knowledge of the different castanet rhythms. [Practice castanets are available for purchase in the studio – there are 2 loan pairs available for students trialing the class for the first time].

Classical Ballet

Classical Ballet
Classical ballet is the most formal of the ballet styles and is best known for its unique features and textures, such as pointe work, turn-out of the legs, and high extensions; its graceful, flowing, precise movements; and its ethereal qualities. Classical Ballet is the basis for a strong technique to prepare the body for other dance styles

We have classes for absolute beginners right through to advanced dancers. We even have a Pointe/Pre-pointe class for those looking to develop their pointe work. The pointe class can be taken in pointe shoes, demi-pointe shoes, or even soft shoes, and enables the dancer to develop strong technique through their feet.


Contemporary Dance Classes Perth
An expressive form of dance.  It explores emotion of dance, and uses motion to interpret music and lyrics.  In class students will train the body following its natural anatomical alignment, in order to give it strength and flexibility.  Students learn to safely turn, jump and fall in different ways, as well as developing spinal contraction and release, curves and spirals, as well as working on focusing on movements that develop strength as well as flexibility.  In this class students will develop a great awareness for their body, and focus on developing a flexible and powerful body they can use to explore space and time.


Dancehall Dance Classes Perth
Dancehall is a genre of Jamaican popular music that grew from reggae and roots style of music in the 1970’s.  Developed in the dance halls of Jamaica, at parties and night clubs, Dancehall is highly energetic, with a strong focus on moving the hips and “booty”.  Many moves seen in hip hop videos today are variations of popular dancehall dances such as the “dutty wine”, the “willie bounce” and the “bogle” to name a few.  Students learn the different dancehall dances, while learning choreography to popular dancehall music. Lots of wining, booty shaking and sweating is guaranteed in this high energy class.


Flamenco is a genre of music, song and dance from the Spanish.  Flamenco is known for its emotional intensity, proud carriage, expressive use of the arms and rhythmic stamping of the feet.

The cante (singing), toque (guitar playing), dance and palmas (handclaps) are the principal facets of flamenco. As with any dance form, many different styles of flamenco have developed.  We have classes for absolute beginners, right through to advanced dancers.  Our teachers have had years of experience in Spain, the UK and the USA mastering their craft in Flamenco.

Hip Hop/Grooves Foundations/Party Grooves

Hip Hop/Grooves Foundations/Party Grooves
Hip Hop refers to social or choreographed dance primarily performed to hip hop music or music or music that evolved as part of hip hop culture. This includes a wide range of urban street dance styles that can include top rocking, popping, breaking, and locking. It can be loose and relaxed or intense or energetic.

The “Hip Hop” classes are primarily focused on teaching students a piece of choreography during the class to a specific piece of music.

The “Grooves Foundations” class and the “Party Grooves” class are primarily focused on assisting students with rhythm, and free style dancing by teaching students basic moves/steps, which they can then incorporate and ‘make their own’ on the dance floor. These classes are ideal for those looking to gain more confidence on the dance floor in a social setting.


Jazz Dance Classes Perth
Jazz is a varied dance style, consisting of unique moves depending on a specific style and/or era of jazz. Predominantly, jazz includes learning and using technique from classical training such as pirouettes and turns, kicks and jumps.  Our classes include a mix of traditional jazz through to the modern-funk styles of today.

Jazz is a fun and technical dance style that relies heavily on the teacher’s individual style, originality and improvisation, as jazz dancers incorporate different styles into their own expression of the dance. Jazz dancing often uses bold, dramatic body movements, including body isolations and contractions.

Jazz combines traditional jazz dance exercises such as leaps, turns, runs and kicks with current music.

Jazz Lyrical

Jazz Lyrical
The name lyrical comes from the word ‘lyrics’ as the dancer interprets the lyrics through the dance.

This dance style combines elements of jazz, ballet, and modern dance techniques.

It is performed to popular music, and emotional ballads. The class offered is for dancers of an intermediate level, to further develop their understanding of their dance technique.


Pointe/Pre-Pointe Dance Classes Perth
This class is designed specifically for students looking to go into pointe shoes, or continue to develop their strength and technique in their pointe shoes as an extension of their ballet training. It is recommended that students have AT LEAST five years of ballet experience before participating in this class in pointe shoes.  It is also suggested that students begin these classes in soft ballet shoes or “demi-pointe” shoes, and only upon speaking with the teacher consider wearing their pointe shoes in class. The class is focused on developing foot and ankle strength and flexibility.  Students are welcome to take this class in soft ballet shoes to focus on developing their strength and technique.  This class is not suitable for anyone who has is not already an experienced ballet student.


Samba Dance Classes Perth
Samba is a lively, rhythmical dance from Brazil, of African origin. While they are many and varied styles of Samba (samba-rock, samba de gafiera etc.), the style taught in this class is the Solo style called "samba no pé" typical of what you will see at the famous Brazilian carnivals of Rio & Bahia (samba-reggae). This is a high energy, fun class, suitable for beginners through to more experienced dancers. An extra bonus - it is a great workout for the abs, hips and thighs. This is not just a class for the ladies though - guys are welcome to come and shake up a storm in the studio also!

Sexy Street Jazz

Sexy Street Jazz Dance Classes Perth
As the name suggests SSJ is an amalgamation of traditional jazz dance techniques with those “street” dance styles that evolved outside of the dance studio (for example hip hop, bboying, house dance etc).  It is believed to have evolved in the 1980’s, and became popular through Michael Jackson’s use of the dance style in his music videos. SEXY Street Jazz as you would expect is a little bit extra on the ‘sassy’ side. With lots of body rolls, hair flicks, kicks jumps and turns. This class is one sexy work out that will leave you feeling like the queen (or king) of the dance floor.  This is an open level class, so it is open to a variety of dance levels – however, it is not suitable for absolute beginners.

Sexy Stilettos

Sexy Stilettos
Learn how Beyonce, Rhianna and the Pussycat Dolls move and dance in their stiletto shoes.

Also known as tippin’ this class will teach you how to walk, tip, switch, dance and balance in your sexiest heels!  Routines, and progressions are taught to popular music, and the moves are inspired by our pop divas... All whilst also giving your core muscles, legs and glutes a great workout.

We have one class just for Beginners, and one class for those with a little more experience….come in and push the boundaries of your sexiness.


Like to make some noise? Then this is your class!

Our tap classes teach basic techniques from absolute beginner through to advance levels.

Tap is a form of dance characterized by a tapping sound that is created from metal plates that are attached to both the ball and heel of the dancer’s shoe, making tap shoes the instruments, and the tap dancer the musician creating the tapping sounds complimenting the music. Made famous by legends like the Nicholas Brothers, Savion Glover, and shows like the Tap Dogs and Happy Feet, tap dancing is timeless dance style that can be enjoyed by anyone of any age.
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